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Eye Cream 101 👁️

Like the finest of silks and the most delicious of crepes, the skin around our eyes is extremely thin and delicate, while the rest of our skin is more like hanji, a traditional Korean paper known for its durability and porousness.

Because of this, our eyes are typically the first part of our faces that show signs of irritation, dryness, and aging. In fact, the area around eyes is the most susceptible to collagen and elastin loss because it's so fragile, says board-certified dermatologist Marie Jhin, M.D. It’s also “more prone to wrinkles as we utilize the muscles to show our expressions,” she adds.

For these very reasons, our brand-new Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution is incredibly important for keeping this area plump, hydrated, and bright. However, Dr. Jhin often notices her patients making major mistakes when applying eye cream. Continue reading below to learn how to remedy them.

5 Eye Cream Mistakes You Should Stop Making ASAP

1. Using After Moisturizer
Be sure to reach for Phyto Bounce before moisturizing your skin with Sound Renewal. Why? Eye cream should always come before moisturizer to allow its active ingredient to effectively absorb into the eye area, Dr. Jhin says.

2. Putting on Too Much
Applying too much product can lead to milia or cysts, Dr. Jhin notes. Instead, only smooth small amounts (no more than a pea-size) of Phyto Bounce onto your eye contour area.

3. Layering Cream and Serum onto the Eye Area
Your eyes don’t need any face cream or serum to thrive. In fact, the harsh active ingredients in them can actually cause more harm than good to the area. Only apply Phyto Bounce under and around your eyes to avoid irritation, Dr. Jhin recommends. “Make sure not to get in too close to the eye,” though, she adds.

4. Rubbing Too Aggressively
Applying eye cream with too much pressure isn’t the best idea for sensitive eye contour skin — not due to possibly causing wrinkles, but because redness and irritation can happen, Dr. Jhin says. Try gently patting on Phyto Bounce with your ring finger instead.

5. Not Consistent With Use
Sure, Phyto Bounce provides instant rejuvenating benefits, but it truly works its smoothing, plumping, and firming magic over time as part of your morning and nighttime skin-care routines. “Remember, it's a marathon — not a race,” Dr. Jhin says. “Results can be subtle, and it takes time to see results.”


Eye Contour Solution ℮ 15 ml 0.5 fl oz

A concentrated, bouncy solution cream brings restoration and vibrancy to the delicate eye contour area.

Key ingredients

Tremella Mushroom, Peptides, Caffeine

White Duplex®

Adenosine, Niacinamide

Rice Bran Oil + 20 Vegan ingredients

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