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“Meet Superegg, the New Stylish Skin-Care Brand With Cutting-Edge, Plant-Based Ingredients
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Vanity Fair

"Superegg—which replicates the beneficial components of the egg using plant-based ingredients—delivers nourishment without irritation via its Sound Renewal cream; the round vessel is a nod to its Yolk Duplex technology."
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“Are vegan eggs the new skincare superfood? New skincare brand Superegg whips up an unlikely recipe for smooth skin”
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"Superegg is the New Skincare Brand Using All-Vegan Ingredients"
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“This quenching moisturizer from new vegan skin brand Superegg protects with antioxidants, gently exfoliates with PHA and layers well with other serums, sunscreen and makeup.”
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The Editorialist

“We're calling it now: eggshell skin’ will be the glass skin’ of 2021.
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“Meet Superegg: The Vegan, Egg-Shaped Skincare Product All Over Instagram
No eggs were harmed in the making. We promise.”
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The Zoe Report

“New Skin Care Brand Superegg Uses Vegan Ingredients To Replicate The Beauty Benefits Of Eggs
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“Enter this palm-sized cream that yields to the lightest pressure from our fingertips and melts seamlessly into skin, leaving it plump and silky like the smooth curves of an egg.
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