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good eggs

Janice Tran

“Balance is intuitive. Only you know when something is too much or too little. Balance is key.”


Please briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Janice Tran, and I am a New York-based creative and skincare enthusiast. I like traveling with my loved ones, riding horses, animals, eating all of NYC’s Korean fried chicken and the beach.


What is a typical day for you like?

Lately, all of my days have been the same, working from home. I’ve just gotten back from a month away from home to spend time with my boyfriend (I’ve been separated from him since the pandemic started several months ago), so I’m adjusting to being home again.

First things first, I wake up, brush my teeth, and dive into my skincare routine. Doing my skincare routine has been a ritual that helps me jumpstart my day and feel my best. I think it’s important to start your day by taking time for yourself before anything else. Skincare is that prioritized time for me. Next are my morning matcha and breakfast – usually something with fresh fruits to fuel me through the day.

I recently began journaling, and it’s been super therapeutic and healing. I can’t recommend it enough! Then I begin work, which includes meetings with my team and endless emails. Marketing and PR is a lot of work, so I take a break at some point to do a workout on Youtube with a friend before the day is over. I settle down and end the day with a sheet mask and FaceTime with my boyfriend.


“I want to put out a reminder that you should still find happiness beyond that and in the simple, everyday things. We aren’t defined by our jobs or what we do for a living. What we do is what we enjoy and what makes us happy. I guess what I want to say is that I want to be happy, and I want to live in the present.


How has your background and experience shaped the person you are today? 

Looking back, things definitely feel complicated in my single-father, Asian-American household. Given the situation, I was forced to grow up at a really young age. Sometimes I felt FOMO that I wasn’t able to do the things normal kids would be able to do, but ultimately I am thankful and humbled because it made me into a stronger person today. I got a job at 15 and learned the value of money and how hard it is to survive in a place like New York City. I learned to hustle, take up space, and not back down when I truly believed in something or have an idea or thought that needs to be heard. Being my biggest champion taught me self confidence and resilience.


Does balance play a role in your life?

Balance is intuitive. Only you know when something is too much or too little.

Pre-pandemic, I was struggling to find a balance between networking, my corporate job, and my mental and physical health. I was afraid to say “no” and was always such a people pleaser. I felt I always had to show up and be “always on,” given the nature of my job. It was hard to keep up, and it was even harder not to compare myself to someone else who appeared to be doing the most. I was reaching the point of burning out. 
During the pandemic and WFH, I felt more pressure to show I was working, so I didn’t lose the trust of my bosses, which resulted in me overworking myself into what felt like the ground. I ignored my intuition, but lesson learned. Now, I schedule in breaks and make sure I take them. Balance is key.


What are some tips on maintaining balance and taking care of your well-being?

Take it as it comes. I am such a “type A" planner that I was always planning for the worst in any given situation. It made me crazy. I try to remember that nothing is as big and/or bad as it seems. Also, therapy. We all need it, and it’s definitely something that can improve your life if you take the time and effort to put in the work in being vulnerable and self-aware.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means being comfortable and accepting and unconditionally loving yourself during the process. It means not dimming your light so others around you can be comfortable, and it means owning your power.




How has your perception of beauty evolved over the years?

Previously, my self-confidence was placed upon how others saw me. It took a while for me to figure out that it really only matters what I think. I used to be super uncomfortable with how I looked, so I would cover myself up with so much makeup or do all of these other things to mask who I was. But now, I feel more comfortable and will use makeup to enhance my favorite features vs. cover them. It’s been a long, sometimes uncomfortable journey, but I’m so glad to be where I am now. 


Are there any beauty tips from your culture that you can share?

It starts with inner health: what you eat, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, exercise, and mental wellness. All of the internal factors directly impact your skin and overall well-being. It’s all of the little things that add up, and it’s easier to take care of it now than later. “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” 


What are your beauty and wellness rituals?

Cleansing is the most important step. If you don’t have a clean foundation, it’ll be hard for anything you put on your skin after to sink in.




What SUPEREGG product does your skin love the most?

I am obsessed with the Gentle Elements Cleanser. The milky texture is beautiful, and it lathers so nicely. It removes all the dirt and makeup off your face without stripping its moisture.


 What are you reading or listening to that has made a lasting impression on you lately?

I have been listening to manifestation meditation music to go to bed, and it’s been helping me refocus my energy into things that are helping me get closer to my goals. I also love reading a page a day from the Daily Stoic. It’s a little bit of digestible wisdom to help guide your day.

Not something I read or listened to, but I recently watched Minari, and it was a beautiful story on an Asian American family in the pursuit of the American dream. It was one of the first times I watched something and saw myself and my family on screen. Definitely recommend!


What are some conscious decisions we can make to help the environment and our planet?

It’s important to be intentional in everything that you do so that you can manage your consumption. Shop secondhand, recycle and donate excess clothing or things, and be mindful of more sustainable options whenever possible.





What is your personal or professional mission?

I’ve been struggling with the words mission, goal, purpose, and passion for so long. This was all because I had no idea what my ‘calling’ was, and I felt that if I didn’t know what it was, my life was worthless and meaningless. I think they are important to have, but I want to put out a reminder that you should still find happiness beyond that and in the simple, everyday things. We aren’t defined by our jobs or what we do for a living. What we do is what we enjoy and what makes us happy. I’ve been spending so much time preparing for something I don’t even know would happen, and I forgot that I’m still alive today. I guess what I want to say is that I want to be happy, and I want to live in the present.


What does being a Good Egg mean to you?

Being a Good Egg means leaving things better than when you found it. It means being kind, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, and reliable. It's treating others the same way you'd want to be treated and knowing how to properly apologize and take ownership when you're wrong.


Make a wish for your future self.

I wish that you are happy and remain resilient. I wish that you continue to smile through it all and remember that you will figure it out and that it’ll work out whether it’s what you planned for or not.


 Follow Janice’s journey at @janicethitran.


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