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How to Elevate Your Skin-Care Routine With Mindfulness

Your morning and nighttime skin-care routines are more meaningful than you may give yourself credit for. Each step is a way of not only taking care of part of your body’s largest organ but also yourself. For many, the time you’ve set aside to go through your complexion regimen can be the only time in your day that you take to yourself and only yourself.

Instead of rushing through these moments with your Superegg lineup in front of you, consider these tips for making your skin-care routine more mindful. These daily practices are simple ways to remind you to stay present, protect your energy, and, most of all, connect with yourself and your body.

1. Commit to a routine

Yes, we’re starting off with an easy and perhaps obvious one, but we know finding consistency in any aspect of life can be an incredibly difficult task at times. Creating a set skin-care routine is an amazing way to prioritize yourself in a predictable, stress-free way. You don’t need to have an extensive amount of products or steps — just committing to cleansing and moisturizing your face is a great place to start.

2. Wash away negativity

Need a new way to calm your mind? As you cleanse your face with Gentle Elements, visualize any self-doubt, dread, negativity, and bad vibes you may be experiencing swirling down the sink, farther and farther away from you.

3. Put on your armor

Alternately, imagine each step of your skin-care routine as a layer of protection for not only your skin from whatever the day may hold but also your energy.

4. Apply slowly with care

As you do the above, you can also slowly spread each serum and cream onto your skin, gently and purposefully – almost as if you’re frosting a cake. Each second you take to do so is another second focused on you and only you. You can even give yourself a mini facial massage, and place pressure on your jaw, temples, and sinuses to help release tension.

5. Try affirmations

Instead of fixating on your skin in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say some affirmations. Here are some of our favorite ones lately:

—I don’t chase; I attract with my good energy.
—Every day, in every way, I am growing.
—Everything works out. Just trust.
—I’m ready to receive new things into my life.

6. Finish up with aromatherapy

After you’re done with your skin-care routine, reach for This Moment Hand Care, and rub some of the velvety, cloud-like cream between your hands. Take in its calming, herbaceous aroma as you close out this mindfulness ritual. You can always return to this aromatherapy practice throughout the day whenever you need to remind yourself to be buoyant, bright, balanced, and present.


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