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Reformulated. Refreshed. Rejuvenated.

We came to a realization that Sound Renewal is more than just a moisturizer — it’s a complete complexion moment.

Of course, it packs the intense hydration of a moisturizer. But Sound Renewal also infuses skin with concentrated levels of brightening, firming, and antioxidant-rich actives like a serum.

To truly reflect its multi-tasking benefits, Sound Renewal has a new classification. From now on, it will be known as the Sound Renewal Serum Cream. We also upped the quantity in its stunning circular bottle from 50 ml to 60 ml.

Don’t worry — Sound Renewal’s ultra-silky smooth texture that you’ve come to know and love is staying exactly the same. It’s still incredibly lightweight and leaves skin delightfully dewy and supple. However, you’ll notice the new formula absorbs into skin much faster than the original, and it hydrates on an even deeper level.


We were able to make Sound Renewal more nourishing by adding some powerful new ingredients to the mix.


EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is the most active polyphenols in green tea, which profoundly soothes, increases moisture retention, helps balance sebum production, and protects against free radicals to prevent the breakdown of collagen.


Peptides aid in rebuilding collagen for a more toned complexion and immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother-looking skin.


Green tea extract soothes sensitized skin and works to defend against environmental aggressors, such as sun damage and pollution.


Madecassoside is a natural compound found in cica that calms inflammation, reduces redness, and quells even the angriest of breakouts.


Take Sound Renewal’s upgrade as the ultimate opportunity to finally streamline your skin-care routine while keeping your complexion feeling fresh and looking luminous. You can shop the brand-new Sound Renewal Serum Cream now in all its versatile glory for $60.


Serum Cream ℮ 60 ml 2 fl oz

A nourishing serum cream of high-performing botanical extracts and antioxidants renews the skin to a fresh, luminous complexion.

Key ingredients

Panthenol, EGCG, Peptides

Yolk Duplex®

Hydrogenated Lecithin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E + 21 Vegan ingredients

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