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What Powers Phyto Bounce?

Here at Superegg, we’re in the business of making your complexion’s dreams come true. You’ve been asking (and asking) when we’re going to bring an eye cream to our 100% vegan skin-care lineup. That’s where our brand-new Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution comes in.

This innovative, featherlight formula depuffs, revives, and hydrates the delicate area around your eyes for instant well-rested rejuvenation. All the while, Phyto Bounce brings brightness, plumpness, and smoothness to the eye area as it fills in fine lines.

Still unsure of how to nail your Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution execution? Allow us to get you better acquainted with our newest launch.

What inspired the name Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution?
The name pays homage to not only the formula’s super-satisfying texture but also one of its key ingredients: Tremella Mushroom. It has a bouncy, jelly-like consistency, much like Phyto Bounce. Plus, it’s often referred to as nature's collagen — that's where the "phyto" part of the name comes from!

How is Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution different from other eye creams?
This rich-yet-lightweight formula is deeply moisturizing while keeping the entire eye area — from brows to cheekbones – fresh and free of irritation. We use a special technology packed with firm polymers that completely block moisture evaporation and provide long-lasting moisturization benefits without suffocating the delicate, ultra-thin skin around your eyes.

Will Phyto Bounce decrease the appearance of my dark circles?
For sure! A dynamic combination of brightening and energizing ingredients — namely Vitamins B3 + C, Caffeine, Ginseng Extract, and Niacinamide — team up to simultaneously improve the appearance of dark circles and diminish puffiness for a more vibrant, effervescent effect.

What about fine lines around the eyes?
Definitely! Natural lifting ingredients obtained from plants, including Tremella Mushroom and Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, bring long-term benefits to improve elasticity and firmness. Phyto Bounce is also peptide-heavy (SIX different types, to be exact), so it works overtime to help speed up collagen production, strengthen the barrier function, and provide extra hydration.

Can I use Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution if I have sensitive skin?
Like all of Superegg’s offerings, Phyto Bounce is formulated to be gentle on all skin types. However, we highly recommend doing a patch test before fully slotting any new product into your skin-care routine and consulting your dermatologist if you have any concerns about particular ingredients.

Is Phyto Bounce fragrance-free?
Yes! It’s also free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, alcohol, mineral oil, and artificial colorants.

When should I use Phyto Bounce?
You can reach for Phyto Bounce before your moisturizing step in both your a.m. and p.m. skin-care routines.

What’s the best way to apply Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution?
Start off by squeezing a tiny dot of product onto the inner corners of your eyes. Then, tap it into your skin with your ring finger, moving outward around the eye contour area. Be sure not to rub and tug to avoid irritation.

Does Phyto Bounce layer well under makeup?
Yes! In fact, it doubles as an eye primer because its barely-there texture sits so incredibly well under makeup and helps lock in concealer and foundation without piling or creasing.



Eye Contour Solution ℮ 15 ml 0.5 fl oz

A concentrated, bouncy solution cream brings restoration and vibrancy to the delicate eye contour area.

Key ingredients

Tremella Mushroom, Peptides, Caffeine

White Duplex®

Adenosine, Niacinamide

Rice Bran Oil + 20 Vegan ingredients

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